AK Security are pleased to offer the latest ground breaking wireless intruder alarm system ;


To include two-way communication to ensure no loss of alarm signals,.

Transmission range that is far greater than industry standards, up-to 2000 mtrs line of site.

Extended battery life 5-8 years for typical use.

Multiple frequency channel hopping to overcome interference from any wireless appliances or outside interference.

Communication is encrypted protected against any digital attacks.

Alarm notifications, images,  control of the system is available by Smart phone  via SMS or Internet communicators at extra cost.

We also have a range of remote keypads, smoke detectors, external Passive infra-red detectors, Dual technology detectors for sheds and garages etc. These prices are on request.

GSM and Broadband communication is available at extra cost, with this option you can check the status of your alarm and also set and unset it from your smart-phone.

You can also self monitor your alarm system by using the Visual Verification Solution, an internet connection is required and the use of Motion Detectors with Integrated Cameras, once the alarm is activated an image will be sent to your smart phone, this will show you a video clip proving if it is a false alarm or a real alarm, the police will always react quicker if there is proof of an intruder on site.

Here’s a quick demo of the self monitor system in operation –