Security Lighting

AK Security have been installing security lighting systems since 1984,  not just for the domestic market but also for commercial and industrial applications.


From a single stand alone flood light to a multiple flood light controlled system, including car parks, schools, factories, office building, out buildings etc.

For an intruder any automatic light is really bad news, the last thing they need is to be seen.

Security lighting is a perfect backup for CCTV.


An external sensor can be hooked up to the control equipment of the CCTV, and transmit an image either to a mobile phone or to a 24 hour central monitoring station. The operator can then react accordingly by contacting the relevant authorities.

AK Security offer a range of security lighting for your home or business –





From a 150 watt tungsten automatic flood light to the latest, modern LED energy saving flood lights which offer up to a staggering 65 year lamp life at 2 hours a day. Most fittings are sealed so there are less maintenance and damp problems.

We would be happy to call at your home or business to carry out a free survey and quotation.